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Like most homeowners, you likely have a concrete driveway or walkway. We at Sunny Desert Concrete know that you probably have some cracks in your concrete surfaces because we know that this is a common issue, especially with those who have never considered repairs. You might not think that this is something to worry about, or you may consider fixing up the crack yourself, but we don’t suggest leaving it alone or doing a job that isn’t guaranteed to last. There’s no harm in having a professional come out to take a look for you. We can let you know for sure whether a repair is something you need or not, so you can stop your over-thinking.

To you, the hairline crack may seem insignificant, but with subsequent damage over time, the crack can become an ugly issue down the road. Your best option is to give us a call, whether the crack is major or minor, and we can assess the damage from an expert perspective. We’ll give you a free estimate on the cost of any concrete repairs that you may need, and you’ll know by talking with us that you’re making a decision you can trust based on honest opinions.

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Assessing the Damage

When determining if the crack is cause for concern, we consider how the concrete was installed and factor in whether the crack might affect performance and appearance, and by how much it might do so. We check if the cracks are obvious safety hazards and if the pavement or any concrete slabs have become uneven due to their wear and tear over time. We also take into account the base material, the soil grade, the stamping, the loading of the slabs, and the width of the crack.

To assess the cracks themselves, we take a look at the width of the crack and use a crack comparator card to determine the seriousness of the issue. Our classification allows us to determine what types of repairs are necessary for the size of the crack. We take this and all other factors into account to determine whether or now and how vertical slab alignment may be possible to repair the issue. When our assessment is complete, we can provide suggestions for repairs and a quote for the cost. At Sunny Desert Concrete, we can help you identify and perform the right repairs, guaranteed.

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Cause For Cracks

There are a myriad of reasons that cracks may have formed in your concrete, and these reasons should be shared, so people know the factors as we do. Especially after repairs, it’s essential to know what to look for to avoid future problems.

In most cases, the damage is mostly due to natural conditions. For example, rainwater can seep into hairline cracks and slowly erode the stone. In colder conditions, the water may freeze and melt on a repeating cycle that can widen the crack. Sometimes plants also find their way under concrete or into cracks to root under the stone and cause the concrete to become uneven or cracks. Other common issues we’ve come across are damage done due to expansion and contraction of the material, plastic shrinkage, heaving and settling, concrete overload, or improper drying.

Why It's Important to Act Now

Unless you firmly believe that you only have a minor cosmetic issue that doesn’t need repair, consider having an experienced professional inspect the damage. Ignoring the damage will only cause the problem to worsen over time and become expensive. Cracks and uneven concrete can pose serious safety hazards, especially if part of any structure that supports your home, so it’s important to give someone a call. A professional contractor such as our company can repair your issues effectively or suggest and employ a full replacement if needed. Call us today. We here at Sunny Desert Concrete will ensure that you put your concrete repairs into hands that you can trust.

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